Entering the CEU Complex

CEU's educational site is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest. Seven elegant buildings, ranging from Baroque, Art Nouveau to modern offer a first-class learning environment.

Of particular note is the former palace (Monument Building) designed by one of Central and Eastern Europe's most famous architects, Mihaly Pollack in the 1830s. For its renovation of the building, CEU received the "Urban Rehabilitation of 1995" award from the Association of Hungarian Architects.

The modern 10-story Faculty Tower is home to many of CEU's faculty offices and classrooms, the library and the university auditorium.

There are further buildings in the university block located along Oktober 6 u., Zrinyi u., and Nador u. The CEU complex has several courtyards and passages linking these and other buildings. The Business School is temporarily located in another part of the city, while a new building is being constructed. In addition, OSA's Art Nouveau edifice, a noted historical building, which houses the Archives' storage rooms, offices, and Research Room, is located in walking distance from the central building at Arany Janos u. 32.

Opening hours of reception desks
  • Nador 9 Main Entrance
    Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 22:00
    Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 19:00

  • Nador 11 entrance
    Monday - Sunday: 7:00 - 24:00

  • Zrinyi u. 14. entrance
    Monday - Sunday: 7:00 - 22:00

  • Oktober 6. u. 12. entrance
    Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 22:00
    Saturday - Sunday: 8:00 - 18:00

CEU Summer University participants are required to carry their ID cards at all times and produce them upon request.


Security staff are on duty 24-hours. In the late evening, early morning, on holidays and weekends, visitors may find that the main door at Nador u. 9 is locked. In this case, please use the entrances at Nador u. 11, Oktober 6. u. 12, and in special cases, the side entrance at Zrinyi u. 8-10.

Individuals who appear intoxicated, or are carrying drugs or weapons shall not be allowed to enter any CEU building or may be removed from the facilities if found to be doing so.

Disabled facilities

CEU welcomes applications from students with disabilities, and aims to provide suitable support where possible. For students with mobility impairments, our university buildings provide a friendly and prepared environment with smooth and easy access, and spacious elevators. Disabled toilet facilities are available on most floors (except Nador u. 11. and Oktober 6. u. 12. buildings).

Designated smoking areas
  • Nador u. 9, outside, near the building entrance
  • Nador u. 11, outside, near the building entrance
  • Nador u.11, courtyard
  • October 6 u. 12, outside, near the building entrance
  • Faculty Tower, Japanese Garden
  • Nador u. 9, Mezzanine (next to the laptop area), Designated Smoking room
  • Zrinyi u. 14 building: open air corridors

Laptop areas

The Laptop areas are located on the ground and the first floors of the area connecting the Monument Building and the Faculty Tower. Laptops of any type and any configuration can be used here, as long as they have:
  • 10/100 network card (which is configured)
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • Automatic DHCP setting
  • UTP network cable

WiFi areas

  • Nador u. 9 Building laptop areas
  • Library
  • Japanese Garden
  • CEU Residence Center (room 110)
  • Doctoral computer rooms
Leisure Areas

At CEU, you will find comfortable places to relax - ideal for meeting up with colleagues, and making new friends.
  • N9 -1 (Nador u. 9, Building, basement level) - Coming soon. Our new student bar is an excellent place to catch up with friends, or enjoy stimulating debate over a good cup of coffee.

  • N9 2 (Nador u. 9, Building, Second floor) - this new area, located in a spacious hallway, has WiFi coverage and power points for your laptop - a relaxing working environment for you and your colleagues.

  • Student Quiet Lounge N11 2 (Nador 11, mezzanine) - this is CEU's own relaxation space. Its special laidback ambience means you have the perfect opportunity to unwind, meditate, and recharge your spiritual batteries.

  • The Japanese garden and Nádor 11 Courtyard -these very popular spaces provide room for friendly chat and intellectual debate, as well as good opportunities to meet students from other departments. Also designated smoking areas.

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