Anthropology, Business, Economics, Ethics, Law, Politics, Public administration

Leadership and Management for Integrity

20 June - 29 June, 2011

This course is supported by Siemens as part of the Siemens Integrity Initiative. Tiri is the project partner of CEU, which is the Integrity Partner in the project.



Certificate of Attendance

SUN awards a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course. In order to gain this certificate, participants will be expected to attend and actively participate in all classes and complete assignments required by the course.

Academic Credit

The "Leadership and Management for Integrity" course is offered for professional development for practitioners with line management responsibility for protecting programmatic integrity (in government, in an NGO, in business). The course may also involve scholars and academics teaching and researching these subjects. Those who wish to obtain credits that count toward their degree should consult their home institution in advance whether the CEU SUN course can be accepted for credit transfer. The CEU Summer University Office will be able to provide all course documentation, such as course description, syllabus, reading list, etc. upon request.