Dear SUN Participant,

Eva Gedeon Welcome to a very special postgraduate study abroad opportunity offered here in the heart of Europe, in Budapest, Hungary.

Summer University (SUN) is a part of Central European University (CEU), which is an international university, accredited both in the United States and in Hungary, offering a combination of American and European academic cultures. CEU is oriented towards innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary research on, and the study of, social change and the policy implications of transition to open societies. Focus is also directed on issues concerning the European Union, and certain features of non-Western democracies.

While CEU's summer program is relatively young, it has evolved dynamically and has emerged as one of the most important academic programs for young scholars in the social sciences and the humanities in the region, and beyond. SUN draws its student body from more than 60 countries and its faculty from over 30 countries. Such an international profile is unusual in the sense that very few other universities can claim to have a student and a faculty body within which there is no particular national predominance: all our courses offer a richly dense cross-section of nationalities.

The summer school is a meeting place for academics and professionals, eager to look beyond their disciplinary boundaries. During SUN everyone particularly enjoys the exposure to this immense diversity, of countries, disciplines, views, and perspectives. Discussions are encouraged and conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and intellectual curiosity.

While our participants are mainly PhD students, junior researchers, faculty and postdoctoral fellows, summer courses also attract professionals in great numbers: representatives of national and international organizations, ministries, NGOs, etc.

SUN faculty teams are composed of CEU professors as well as other leading scholars and experts from other universities all over the world. Our network of Eastern and Western scholars work collaboratively with students on a variety of complex social and scientific themes, always willing to transcend traditional approaches.

You can find out more about some of the endeavours and accomplishments of the summer program here:

CEU celebrates its 20th anniversary: 1991-2011

I would also like to encourage you to look at our offerings in more detail on the web site, and I very much hope that we will be able to welcome you to CEU this summer.

Yours sincerely,