Martin Bell, OBE, British UNICEF Ambassador
former broadcast war reporter

Martin Bell, OBE was a BBC foreign affairs reporter and "war correspondent" and reported on wars and conflicts for 30 years. He became an independent politician and was elected as an MP in 1997. Recently he authored the book "A Very British Revolution: The Expenses Scandal and How to Save Our Democracy".

He was a teacher on the Integrity in Political Society Summer University course, offering a session on "Taking a Stand for Integrity from the Inside".

This course was part of the Integrity Summer school organized by Fredrik Galtung, Tiri - Making Integrity Work, London along with two other courses on "Leadership and Management for Integrity" and "Pro-Poor Integrity".


Miscellaneous public lectures

Integrity in Politics: An Oxymoron or a Real Possibility?

Nuhu Ribadu, Nigeria; TS Krishnamurthy, India;
Fredrik Galtung, Tiri-Making Integrity Work, London
"Managing for Integrity: Strategies and Approaches" course

Beyond The Two Cultures: A Storyteller's Love-Hate Relationship With Mathematics

by Apostolos Doxiadis, Greek writer
"Mathematics and Narrative: Bringing Mathematics Back to the Cultural Mainstream" course

The Role of Labor Institutions in the Global Economy

by Richard B. Freeman, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
"Work and Inequality in a Global Economy" course

Public lecture series by the "Conditionals: Philosophical and Linguistic Issues" course

Counterfactuals and Dispositions in Games

Robert Stalnaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Morgenbesser cases

Dorothy Edgington, University of Oxford / University of London


Culture and Cognition - Lecture series

Modularity and relevance as psychological factors of cultural attraction

Dan Sperber

Taboos, emotions and cultural evolution

Daniel Fessler

On combining etnographic and experimental methods

Rita Astuti

Is there a universal moral grammar?

Pierre Jacob

Why ritualized behaviour in humans?

Pascal Boyer

Learning 'about' versus learning 'from' other minds

György Gergely

Culture and cognitive development

Susan Carey

Pedagogy as a human-specific tool for cultural transmission

Gergely Csibra

Imagination as specific mode of religious thinking?!

Vlad Naumescu

Distributing mathematical cognition

Christophe Heintz

Autistic spectrum disorders, ToM and seeing others as partners

Coralie Chevalier

The cognitive foundations of reincarnation concepts

Claire Cooper

Cognitive and social trigerring of epistemic vigiliance

Mascaro Olivier


Knowledge for Development: Fiscal Decentralization

directed by Peter Hegedus

A film on the "Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and Local Financial Management" course, which was organized in cooperation with the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative of the Open Society Institute, Budapest and the World Bank Institute.

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