Philosophy, Political Science, Gender Studies

Freedom and Experiences of Subjugation
July 12 - 23, 2010

Extended application deadline: 31 March, 2010


Purchasing the ticket

Those receiving a travel grant need to book their ticket as soon as possible after notification. In most cases the amount of travel grant is less than the actual ticket price, and participants need to cover the difference from their own budget. This is why it is most important to make the ticket booking at the earliest date in order to secure the cheapest possible ticket.

In case your travel grant exceeds 500 Euro, the pre-approval of your booking is required. Please contact us via with your ticket reservation information. Travel grants only cover economy flights between Budapest and the city of your residence. No other destinations can be included. If your itinerary must include more than two destinations, reimbursement will be based upon direct flight airfares.

Reimbursement policy (for scholarship participants)
  • Recipients of a travel grant from SUN will be reimbursed in Budapest upon their arrival based on the granted amount of travel specified in the acceptance letter. Reimbursement will be made only up to the actual travel expenditure supported by the submitted documents.

  • Shorter domestic trips and visa costs are not reimbursed.

  • The travel grant amount will be returned to grant recipients in Budapest on arrival if they can submit valid documentation (see details below). If there is no sufficient documentation available, the original ticket has to be mailed back and reimbursement will be made via bank transfer or check.

  • Necessary documents for reimbursement:
    • an original invoice issued by the travel agency addressed to CEU 1051 Budapest Nador utca 9. or to your name

    • or the original travel ticket

    • or the e-ticket AND the boarding pass
Please note that in case the ticket was issued by a Hungarian company (e.g. Wizzair, Malev or MAV [Hungarian Rail]), reimbursement can be made only if the invoice is made out to CEU 1051 Budapest Nador utca 9. Please remember to provide this address when booking your ticket from a Hungarian carrier.

Arrival and Departure
  • Check in: July 11, 2010
  • Check out: July 24, 2010

If your arrival and departure dates are different, please contact our office.
Contact person: Sarolta Szabo at

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