Philosophy, Political Science, Gender Studies

Freedom and Experiences of Subjugation
July 12 - 23, 2010

Extended application deadline: 31 March, 2010


Estimated living costs

Estimated living costs are 250 EUR for two weeks including local transportation and meals.

Local Transportation

You can buy a 14-day pass for local transportation in Budapest for 6,200 HUF, which is valid for all means of public transport (metro, buses, trolley buses and trams).Please make sure you bring a photo (3x4 cm) for the pass. Single tickets cost 300 HUF.

Check out our "Getting Around" pages to find more information about local transportation.


Altogether approximately 150-200 EUR can be budgeted for meals for two weeks. For more information about meals and recommended places for lunch and snack check our "Eating around CEU" section.