European Union Law, Legal Studies

Advanced European Union Legal Practice

June 29 - July 11, 2009

In co-operation with the Department of Legal Studies of CEU and the Total LawTM team


Target Group

  1. External Students

    The program brings together participants from all over the world and from diverse legal backgrounds, i.e. law students near completion of their law degree, law graduates and legal professionals, who are seeking further credentials and experience in the field. It may be particularly appealing to government officials and those aiming at a career in national, international and/or European civil service, and those who wish to apply for jobs in the field of European Union law.

  2. CEU students

    CEU students from the Department of Legal Studies interested in European Legal issues and in taking the Total LawTM Summer Course on Advanced European Legal Issues can opt for an MA/LLM with Specialization in European Union Law, which require them to complete successfully 8 EU related credits, i.e. 5 CEU Legal Studies Department credits (the Jean Monnet course on European integration counting as 3 credits for that purpose) and 3 Total LawTM summer course credits. If CEU students take and pass the Total LawTM Course Examination (no retake available), they will receive 3 credits which they can use towards the specialization attached to their LLM or MA. CEU Legal Studies MA/ LLM students completing these requirements will graduate with an LLM in CCL/IBL/HR with Specialization in European Union Law. On the MA/LLM diplomas, there will be no indication of whether they received a distinction at the Total Law exam (i.e. "Cum Laude", "Summa Cum Laude" or "Magna Cum Laude"), but the distinction will appear on the transcript.

    Please note that CEU LLM and MA students CANNOT use the 3 credits obtained with the Total LawTM course towards the LLM/MA degree itself, i.e. they CANNOT use them in replacement of credits attached to courses offered by the Legal Studies department and counting towards the degree. CEU students' GPA will not be affected by the Total LawTM exams results.

    SDJ students enrolled in CEU Legal Studies Department may be able to participate in the Total Law Summer course under the same conditions than external participants, but they should discuss this participation and the possibility of gaining credits for it with their supervisor.


To be admitted in the course, all participants must have earned a first degree in law, or be near completion of their law degree, and must have a prior knowledge of European Union Law.

Language requirement

The language of instruction is English; thus all applicants who are not native speakers of English must be proficient in the English language. They must complete the self-evaluation section of the application form.

The minimum enrollment required for the course is 20 participants. The final deadline by which the course will be confirmed is May 30, 2009.