Aspects of Responsibility

Jul 14 - 25, 2008


Application forms are encouraged to be submitted through the on-line registration system. In addition to the completed application form, the following supporting documents are requested to be sent by regular mail:
  • CV (with a list of publications if any)

  • A Statement of Purpose
    In the Statement of Purpose please describe how the course is relevant to your teaching, research or professional work, and in what way you expect to benefit from it. You are advised to consult the detailed course description on the course web page so that the statement of purpose is in accordance with the main objectives of the course.

  • An English language article or research paper in progress, which you would like to develop as the outcome of the course.

  • One Letter of Recommendation

Optional documents:
  • A copy of an article in English, which you have recently published
  • A copy of any English language certificate
  • A special cover letter, if a tuition waiver is applied for

Please note the following:
  • Attachments should be sent to the CEU Summer University Office (mailing address: CEU Summer University Office, P.O. Box: Budapest 5, P.f.: 1082, H-1245, Hungary) by regular mail postmarked no later than February 14 for scholarship applications or May 30 for fee-paying applications. Applications will not be considered complete and will not be processed until all supporting materials have been received.

  • Faxed or e-mailed attachments or recommendations will not be processed.

  • If you apply to more than one course, a separate set of letters of recommendation and attachments (customized, if necessary, to the differing needs of the two courses) must be mailed for each course of your choice. Please indicate your name and the course(s) you apply to on EACH attachment.

  • The Letter of Recommendation should be put in an envelope, sealed and signed by the referee across the seal. It can be sent directly to the Summer University Office either by the referee or can be included in your application package. Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered on a case-by-case basis.