From Holy War to Peaceful Co-habitation. Diversity of Crusading and the Military Orders
July 14 - 25, 2008


Target Group

The program encourages applications from MA and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, researchers and professionals. Undergraduates without a university degree will not be considered.

  • The course has been designed for specialists in medieval history, archaeology, art history and church history. Applicants are expected top have some previous knowledge gained in at least one aspect of the course (Crusader studies, medieval military orders, religious studies, etc.).

  • Academics in the broader fields of religious studies, Islam studies, Byzantine studies, military studies (military architecture), environmental and landscape studies are also invited to apply.

  • As one of the important aspects of the course is the interpretation of cultural heritage monuments, experts of this field, specialists working in heritage institutions are also encouraged to apply.

  • The language of instruction is English; thus all applicants have to demonstrate a strong command of spoken and written English to be able to participate actively in discussions at seminars and workshops. (In some instances shortlisted applicants may be contacted for a telephone interview.)