From Holy War to Peaceful Co-habitation. Diversity of Crusading and the Military Orders
July 14 - 25, 2008


Please read the following directions carefully.
Before starting the application process, please visit the relevant links in the menu on the left for specific information on the academic content (faculty list, course description, etc.), course dates, application requirements, deadlines, eligibility and financial information.

  1. Provide all requested information in English.

  2. You are allowed to apply to a maximum of two courses, but can be accepted to both only if they are run consecutively. (Financial aid is only available for attending one course.)

  3. The required attachments must be submitted for each course to which you are applying. Those who apply to more than one course should send a separate set of attachments customized, if necessary, to the differing needs and requirements of the two courses.

  4. Applications are encouraged to be submitted through the on-line registration system, while the attachments must be sent by regular mail, postmarked no later than February 14, 2008 for scholarship applications and May 30, 2008 for fee-paying applications.

    Applications will not be considered complete and will not be processed until all supporting materials are received. (If you fill out a paper application form by hand, please write legibly.)

    Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Mailing address:
    CEU Summer University Office
    1051 Budapest
    Nádor u. 9.

    Faxed or e-mailed attachments or recommendations will not be processed. Applicants from countries where the postal service is unreliable may contact and ask for an exemption. In well justified cases, the SUN Office will accept their application sent by email attachments.

  6. Inquiry

    If you need more course specific information, you can contact the course coordinator via . For general help and information regarding the application process, please feel free to contact the SUN staff:
    E-mail for inquiry and correspondence:
    Tel: (36-1) 327-3811,
    Fax: (36-1) 328-3698 or (36-1)327-3124
    Skype (free Internet telephone): ceu-sun

  7. Notification

    The SUN Office will notify applicants about the selection results around the end of April (for scholarship applications) and the end of May (for fee-paying applications).

    The decisions are not open to appeal.